Working with Nodes

Working with Nodes


Working with nodes in Toric is easy. Here is a quick overview of everything you need to get started.


Bring nodes into your graph

There are a few different ways to add nodes to your graph:

  • Node search tool
  • The node toolbar
  • Quick add feature from Node ports (input and output)

Node search tool

The node search tool is located right above the node toolbar. Click it and start typing; the auto-complete will show any nodes that fit your search criteria. When you find the node that you’re looking for, click to add it to the graph. To add many nodes, click and drag each of the nodes into your graph. When you’re done, press ‘Esc’ to remove the search dialog.




Node toolbar

Similarly, you can click on the node toolbar and navigate through the toolbar categories and select the nodes you need. With this method, you can click or click/drag to add multiple nodes.




Quick Add 

On any node, click and drag the input or output port to expose the Quick Add Search Bar. Start typing to search for the node you want, and press enter to add the node to the graph workspace.




Move nodes around

You can move nodes around the graph workspace individually or as a group. For single Nodes, click and drag the node to the desired position in the graph.


For multiple nodes, hold the 'Ctrl' ('Command' for Mac) button and select each node you would like to move. When you’re happy with your selection, pick any node from your selection, left-click, and hold while dragging the group of nodes to the desired position.


Another way to select a group of nodes is by clicking and dragging over a range of nodes in the graph. When you have the desired selection, left-click and hold while dragging the group of nodes to the desired position.




Deleting a node and Undo/Redo

Use the same tips shared above to highlight and select the nodes that you would like to remove from your graph, and then click the ‘Delete’ button in the top toolbar.




You can also delete with keyboard shortcuts. If you’re using a Windows device, use the 'Backspace' key and for Mac use the “Delete” key.


If you’ve accidentally moved or deleted elements from your graph, you can use the undo and redo buttons to replace or remove any errors from your workspace. Alternatively, Ctrl + Z for undo.  See a list of all the keyboard shortcuts here.


Linking your Nodes together to build a Dataflow

Got the hang of it? Great! Now you’re ready to put it all together and build Dataflows. Try adding a few number nodes and connecting them to “Calculate” nodes such as Multiply, Divide, etc. to perform basic arithmetic.

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