Adding / Deleting team members

Adding / Deleting team members


Please make sure that anyone you would like to add to Toric has a valid account.


Adding Project members and permissions

Locate and click the gear icon near the Project name. A dialog window will appear where you could type in the email of someone you would like to collaborate within your Project. Note that your collaborators will need to have a valid Toric account to work on the same project.


You could select one of two permissions:

  • Can Edit: Could add Documents and edit them in the Dataflow Designer
  • Owner: Full control of all content and can delete Documents.


Select the permission level and click Invite to add a member to your list of collaborators.


Removing Project members

You could change the permissions and remove members from a Project from your collaborator list; just select the dropdown near their name and make the modification you desire.




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