If you’re in Toric you should have already created an account and belong to an Organization.


The organization tab provides details about your organization, such as how many members the organization has and the status of members. Members can be either owners or members. Administrators are able to change the status of members as well as remove members.


The org’s avatar can also be updated by clicking on the default image and uploading a different image. 


The organization also shows you the domains in Toric. Click here to learn more about domains


One or Many Organizations

You can be a part of multiple org in Toric. If you belong to more than one organization your primary organization will be listed first. 


To access the other organizations, use the dropdown menu in Toric Home to navigate to the other organization’s workspace. 


Organization Library

Being a part of an organization provides you with assets that have been shared inside that org. Currently, assets are Dataflow templates. You can view them all by clicking ‘Library’ in Toric Home. 


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