Filtering and Grouping Your Data

Filtering and Grouping Your Data


Being able to sort and group your data is an important step in working with your data. Not only does it help create views that make it easier to read but it also can help discover insights quicker.


Sort node

You can filter through your data in Toric by using the Sort node. The Sort node allows you to go through your data and select a field to sort results by.



Filter node

You can select a particular field of data by using the Filter node. Using this node also lets you filter the selected field by selecting values based on equal, not equal, less than, bigger than, equal to or greater than, and equal to or less than. The Filter node lets you drill down your data easily without formulas or coding.




GroupBy node

The GroupBy node helps you group records from the same field together. This lets you see the same field results at once without having to look through the table for it.




Start organizing your data today by using the Sort, Filter, and GroupBy nodes.

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