Revit Plugin installation

Revit Plugin installation

Revit is an industry-standard tool for people in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction field. The Revit plugin provides access to all of the Revit data, extracted directly into Toric.
Before you start sending data to Revit you must download the plugin on your computer. Currently, the plugin is supported for Windows only. 

Where do I download the plugin?
Click this download link to download or navigate to your settings under Plugins & Apps, click on the Revit Plugin Download button, then follow through the installer windows to complete the install.




If you’re new to Toric you could sign up for an account here.


Once you’ve installed the plugin you’re ready to Push Data from Revit to Toric.


If a new version of the Revit plugin becomes available, you will be notified when you click the Toric button from within Revit. From there you will have the option to update immediately; this requires a Revit restart. Otherwise, you could choose to update later.


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