Import your Data

Import your Data


Excel / CSV

Excel is no stranger in the workspace, especially when it comes to analyzing and reporting your data. We support both .xlsx and .csv file formats.


To add an Excel or CSV file to the project, navigate to the file on your computer, then drag and drop it into your project.


If you’re already in a Dataflow, you could follow the same click and drag steps; this will automatically populate the graph workspace with the data source.


In order to make sure that your data works properly in Toric, please ensure that your Excel and CSV files are in a tabular format and do not contain any spaces before importing. 


Java Script Object Notation (JSON)

The JSON source is a “ JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.” 


Locate a JSON file on your computer and drag it into the Toric app.


Note: If you have a cloud drive shortcut (i.e., OneDrive or Google Drive) installed on your computer, you can also bring these file types into Toric following the steps above.



Revit is an industry-standard tool for people in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction field. To give our users complete access to all the data they’re working with, we have developed the Toric plugin, allowing you to extract data directly from Revit.


First, download the plugin by navigating to account settings and click Plugins & Apps., then click on the Download button. Follow through the windows to the installer to complete the download.




Once you’ve installed the plugin, open your Revit project, click on the Toric tab, and then the Toric button. This will open the Toric window where you will have to sign in to Toric. Then select the Revit objects you would like to send to Toric. When you’re happy with your selection, click the “Send data to Toric” button, and your data will be sent to your Toric project. To access your project, quickly click on the “Open project in Toric” hyperlink, which will open your project in your internet browser.




Image Sources

You can also import images like PNGs and JPEGs into Toric. Simply drag and drop the PNG or JPEG you would like to use into your project and document, and it is ready to use.


How do I select a source from inside a Document?

When you’re inside a Toric document, navigate to the left vertical bar and click on Datasets. Here you have all the data sources that are available to your project. Simply click and drag the source into the graph workspace.




Have a suggestion for data sources we should support, please let us know and follow us to see the latest.

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