Creating Projects and Dataflow

Creating Projects and Dataflows


Where and how to create a project?

After logging into your Toric account, tab on the Projects button on the left-hand side, then click the blue ‘Create a Dataflow’ button. Once that is done, you can rename the project to its desired name.


How to create a new Dataflow?

Creating a new Dataflow in Toric is simple. If you’re already inside a project click the ‘Create a Dataflow’ button and rename the Dataflow and you’re good to go. 


You can also create a private new Dataflow by going to My Drafts and clicking the 'Create a Dataflow’ tile there.


You can also create a new Dataflow from a template, you will see templates when clicking the Create a Dataflow’. From there you can pick an appropriate document template for your needs. 


Adding project collaborators and permissions.

Navigate to the project, click the Share button on the upper right-hand side, and enter the emails of the people who you would like to add, and click ‘Invite’. When you're finished inviting collaborators, press ‘Done’.


You are also able to change permissions for collaborators. You can assign ownership of a project to a collaborator or grant them editing access.


You could select one of two permissions;

  • Can Edit: Could add Dataflow and edit them in the Dataflow Designer 
  • Owner: Full control of all content and can delete Dataflows.


Deleting project collaborators

To remove a collaborator click the share button and find the person who you wish to remove. Use the drop-down menu to select 'Remove' and press done to delete them.

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