Toric Home


Toric Home allows you to create projects, Dataflows, manage your settings, library,  organization & account details, and check out plugin & integrations. Here is a quick overview of everything you need to know to get you started.



You will find information about your organization, account details, and billing.



The organization tab provides details about your organization, such as how many members the organization has and the status of members. Members can be either owners or members. Administrators can change the status of members as well as remove members.


The org’s avatar can also be updated by clicking on the default image and uploading a different image. 


Account Details

Account details allow you to check out your user profile, see what organizations you belong to, and update your user’s avatar. 


The user’s avatar can also be updated by pressing on the default image and uploading the image you wish to choose. 



You can update your billing information in the Billing tab of setting as well.



The Toric library contains reusable Dataflow templates.  


The Toric library allows you to view your organization’s exported Dataflow templates.


Plugin & Integrations

You will find apps & integrations that we support.  Let us know if you have suggestions about what you love to see us support in the future.


Discover & Learn

Discover & Learn is Toric’s contextual help. It provides guided tours of helpful features that you should know about. It also provides a handy link back here to support if you need it.

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