How to Use Assets in Toric

How to Use Assets in Toric


Toricverse is a central repository that holds all Toric dataflows and templates. Within Toricverse, you are able to set assets to public or private. Learn the difference between the two and how to ensure your organization’s content is secure.


Public assets

Public assets are any templates and assets created by the Toric community, with permissions set to allow public use.





In your Library, look for asset tiles with a green ‘Public’ label on the tile’s top right. Check out the example below of a Public Document Template.




Private Assets

Private assets are any assets that belong only to your organization; they cannot be seen by public users visiting Toricverse.

Only you and members of your organization can view the assets that are in your organization’s library. These assets are distinguished by a grey ‘Private’ label on the asset tile’s top right corner.




Changing Asset Permissions

To inspect a template, click a tile to open the asset. Use the “View in Toricverse” button, which will then redirect you to its’ Toricverse info page. There, you can choose to edit the file or, if needed, unpublish it from the public directory. 

Once you’re finished saving your asset, from this page you can also explore many other user-generated assets. See the article on Toricverse 101 for more information.



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