Toricverse 101 - How it works

Toricverse 101 - How it works


The marketplace and community for data champions; find assets that will enrich your experience with data in a community. 


Using a Toricverse asset is easy and can be done in a few easy steps. Let’s get started.


How do I get there?

You can access Toricverse in one of three (3) ways within the Toric application.

  1. Toricverse button in profile options


     2. +New Template Document



    3. View in Toricverse button


Each of these buttons will redirect you to the Toricverse page. If you’re viewing a template within your organization’s library, the last option allows you to go to the page in Toricverse that has the asset. 


Otherwise, you could always go straight to the site


What are Dataflow templates?

Dataflow templates are prefilled with nodes that transform, display data visually, and provide you with insights without building them from scratch.



Can I take Dataflow templates for a test drive?

You sure can. When you have found an interesting Dataflow template, click the blue ‘Try It’ button to give it a go directly in Toricverse. If you change your mind, click on ‘Cancel’ on the top right and navigate back to the search page.






If if you find a Dataflow template useful, click on ‘Use’ to add it to a specific project. Once you do this, the Dataflow template will appear in your organization's Library along with all your other assets 




What is a Library?

A Library is where you can save assets for future use on existing and new projects. Note that an asset that is created by your organization will appear as ‘Private’ and assets that come from Toricverse are ‘Public.’


Method 1: Use Templates in your Library

If your organization already has assets in its Library, navigate to the Dataflow Manager and click on Library on the left panel. 


Method 2: From the Dataflow Manager

In Document Manager, navigate to a project and locate the New Document tile; then click on the three buttons on the tile’s bottom right and select the options +New Template Document. 


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