Domains in Toric

Domains in Toric


Your Organization, or should we say the company is vital to you as you become a data champ at work. You may want to share or invite team members to join Toric. To make this easy, we create Organizations in Toric based on domain names.


New Organizations

If you’re just signing up to Toric, you need to provide your company email address to log in to your organization name. This will help us to create one source of truth for you and your team. 




Organizations are associated with a domain name

This means that all users in MyCorp are associated with their domain names (i.e., If the organization already exists, you could use your @mycorp email address to join the existing domain.


Sharing in an org. Different than sharing externally

When you start building a team within your organization, you make it easier to share and collaborate with your colleagues.


Sharing with project stakeholders outside of your organization is also possible; however, they must also have a valid account.


Connection to billings

Finally, we use the domains to confirm your company identity and process your monthly or yearly subscription.

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