Disable Pop-up Blocker in Chrome to access integrations

Disable Pop-up Blocker in Chrome to access integrations


Toric has integrations that help you bring in your data. In order to use integrations properly, you may need to disable the Pop-up blocker if you’re using Chrome. Below you’ll find the steps you need to take to disable it. We’re going to use the Procore integration as an example.


Step 1 

Click the Procore source from Toric. Find it in the Sources tab in the Dataflow manager or in the Source panel in the Dataflow.

Sources in Dataflow Manager



Sources in Dataflow


Step 2

 Click the Pop-up blocker button on the right side of the Chrome search bar.


 Step 3

 Select “Always allow pop-ups and redirects from https://app.toric.com” and click done.


 Step 4

The Procore authentication will open up.


 Step 5

 Login into Procore using your credentials.


You can take these same steps to get started with any of our integrations in the Chrome browsers.


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