Using Google Sheets Integration


Using Google Sheets Integration


Google Sheets is a popular web-based spreadsheet program, often used as an alternative to Excel. Toric integrates with Google Sheets making it easier to use your data where it is. Learn how to use the Google Sheets integration in this article.


Bring in Google Sheets Data from App Home


My Drafts


It’s easy to pull in data from Google Sheets while in App Home. From “My Drafts” click Sources and then press the Get Data button. 




Navigate to “Google Sheets” in the dropdown and click it. 




A small popup will appear, prompting you to choose the Google account associated with your Google Sheets data. Select the appropriate account and sign in. Then select the Google Sheets spreadsheet you want to add as a source.



After selecting the Google Sheet spreadsheet, it will appear with the rest of your sources in “My Drafts”




Click on the Google Sheets source, and it will open up a blank Dataflow (document) with the selected source in it. 






Using the Google Integrations in “Projects” works similarly to “My Drafts.”




Choose the Project you want or create a new one - then click on Sources and press the Get Data button. Choose “Google Sheets” from the dropdown menu and follow the same steps from above. 








  1. Sign in to the desired Google Account.
  2. Select the spreadsheet you want to integrate.
  3. Click the  “Select” button.
  4. Use the selected Google Sheet as a source by clicking directly on it.


It’s important to note that while you can bring a Google Sheets spreadsheet into “My Drafts” it will stay there. If you want the spreadsheet to be shareable across projects, add it in “Projects” instead.


Integrating Google Sheets Inside a Dataflow

You can also integrate Google Sheets directly inside a Dataflow.  Click on the Sources tab in the Left navigation - this is the Sources Panel where all your sources live. You can add a source here by clicking the Get Source button. In our case, click “Google Sheets” to integrate a Google spreadsheet directly into your Dataflow. Follow the following steps to complete the process:






  1. Sign in to the desired Google Account.
  2. Select the spreadsheet you want to integrate.
  3. Click the  “Select” button.



The new source (The Google Sheet spreadsheet)  will automatically appear in the Overview Panel, Data Inspector, and inside the workspace’s Dataflow tab. 


Keeping Your Data Insynced



While working with the Google Sheets, your data may change; if changes occur, Google Sheets data is updatable right in Toric. Click the Refresh Data on the source node. The Refresh Data button updates your version of the spreadsheet and includes a timestamp. This feature gives you control to ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of the data while still preserving access to previous versions.




Use this handy feature further to make comparisons of your data. For example, you can create a Data App to compare different versions of your data as it changes over time. 

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