Using the Procore Integration

Using the Procore Integration


Connecting to Procore

View this tutorial to walk through a quick case study of transforming Budget data without code.


Connect to Procore from Integrations Home


Toric integrates with Procore so that you can use the data from the construction management software. Using the Procore integration in Toric is easy. 


Start by clicking on the Procore on the Integrations page.



Next, click Get Data in Procore, then you will be asked to select a project for your Procore data. Once you choose your desired project, click Continue.



Please make sure your pop-up blocker allows us to show pop-overs. Sign in with your Procore login information.



Once you’re signed in, you can select the Procore project you want to use and press Import Data.



Once you’ve imported your data, it will appear in the Sources tab. Click it to open a Dataflow with the Procore source.


Use the Overview Panel (on the left) to select your Procore source, and then use the Properties panel(on the right) to decide which Procore elements you want to work with to transform.




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